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Packaging Costs

The cost increases in the packaging industry dependent on manufacturing have begun to force the manufacturer. The irregularities in the world economy and supply chain in recent years continue to affect the packaging industry negatively. It is seen that the packaging cost of some products exceeds the price of the product itself.

Increasing input costs are challenging both the producer and the consumer who consumes the products. Manufacturers, who have to reflect their input costs to the final sales price of the products, indirectly cause the shelf prices to increase. The reason for this situation is the increase in raw material, energy and transportation fees.

While the supply of products such as iron-steel, plastic and glass became more difficult during the pandemic period, unit prices increased day by day. When the excessive depreciation of the Turkish lira was added to this situation, the price increase in packaging costs increased significantly.

In the packaging industry, whose entire production is dependent on imports, the price increase in the last year has reached 100%. Even if you accept the price increase at this point, in some cases you may have difficulties in reaching the raw material. If you find the raw material, you cannot find a container to bring it this time. It would not be wrong to predict that price increases will continue in these days when producer inflation reaches 114%, which is reflected as a hike in the end consumer.

In particular, it was adversely affected by the increase in the packaging costs of the industrialists engaged in food production. According to the Istanbul Merchants Club, the packaging cost of food products has reached 20%. Considering all commercial sectors, the average packaging cost is around 5%, these days this rate has increased significantly in some sectors.

The same situation is seen on the paper packaging side. The sectors in which paper products are used, which have increased by 120% in 1 year, have to reflect these costs on the product prices.

Packaging, which is an indispensable product for all sectors and consumers, was consumed around 120 dollars in Turkey 10 years ago, while today the consumption in Europe and America is around 260 dollars, about twice our level.

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