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Packaging Industry Exported 6.5 Billion Dollars in 2021

The Turkish packaging industry realized exports of 6.5 billion dollars in 2021 with a 26% increase in value. According to the Packaging Manufacturers Association, although the decreased demand due to pandemic conditions, the increase in commodity prices and the raw material problem increased production costs by up to 3 times, a 26% increase in value was realized.

Packaging Manufacturers Association published the export figures report for 2021. The Turkish packaging industry, which focuses on production, export and employment, exported the most to the United Kingdom, Germany and Iraq. These countries were followed by the USA, Israel, Italy, France, Netherlands, Egypt and Iran. The lion’s share in all exports was 66%. While paper/cardboard packaging had a share of 23 percent, metal packaging group had a share of 7 percent, glass packaging 3 percent and wooden packaging 1 percent.

According to the 2021 report, the sector, which exports 6.5 billion dollars, had a foreign trade surplus of 2.7 billion dollars and contributed positively to the country’s economy. On the other hand, the Packaging Manufacturers Association, which draws attention to the fact that energy costs have increased 3 times, underlines that this situation causes problems in supply. In addition to financials, the Russia-Ukraine war and raw material shortages are among the factors that will negatively affect the export of the sector in the coming period. In addition, the VAT reduction brought to food in the domestic market also created a discount expectation for the packaging industrialists, because a significant part of the packaging sector is related to the food sector.

The Association of Packaging Manufacturers is of the opinion that if it wants to increase competition in export activities carried out from 5 different export unions, the capital spent on energy should be minimized.

Expressing its opinion on the issue in the press as Europe’s garbage issue these days, the Packaging Manufacturers Association argues that they are not against the import of waste, but that this situation should be reduced and destroyed gradually. experienced a problem and gradually zeroed in imports and started to process its own recycling wastes. Turkey should quickly make its business plan and follow the same path as China. The Association also supports the issue of green OIZ. Because the world tends to buy products produced by enterprises with recycling and green certificates. ISO When the 9000 certificate was first released, those who did not have this certificate could not export. In the near future, exporters with bad carbon records will not be able to export.

For a sustainable environment, an environmentally friendly industry should be Turkey’s goal and we should make investments that will adapt to these new conditions in a short time.

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