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27th Eurasia Packaging Fair Completed

Organized for the 27th time this year, Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair and Food-Tech Fair were held in Istanbul between 12-15 October 2022. The fair, attended by more than 1100 companies, gave 13 thousand business people from 130 countries the opportunity to invest in the fair.

The packaging industry, which gained momentum with the increasing consumption after the pandemic, increases its volume with export records day by day. As every year, this year, Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair and Food-Tech Fair, which is visited by all food and non-food industries, which bring together the important brands and industry players of the packaging industry, to seek solutions. Within the scope of the fair, 72 thousand visitors, including 59 thousand local and 13 thousand foreign business people from 130 countries, were hosted. visited.

With Online Networking Days, which ensure the continuation of trade after the fair, exhibitors and visitors continue their trade from where they left off. Online Networking Days brought the packaging industry together between 17-28 October 2022.

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