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What are the Usage Areas of Stretch Film?

Stretch film, which is one of the most used packaging materials in our country and in the world, is a plastic that makes it easier to store, protect and transport many products by cutting off their contact with air and other external factors. Stretch film, which is one of the most used packaging materials due to its ease of use and...

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20 Billion Beverage Packages Will Be Recycled Annually

With the deposit return points to be established in all provinces and districts in Turkey by the end of 2023, it is aimed to recycle 20 billion beverage packages annually and to generate 5 billion liras for the economy. The Deposit Management System, which is based on the principle of returning the packaging, works effectively with the reimbursement of the deposit...

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27th Eurasia Packaging Fair Completed

Organized for the 27th time this year, Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair and Food-Tech Fair were held in Istanbul between 12-15 October 2022. The fair, attended by more than 1100 companies, gave 13 thousand business people from 130 countries the opportunity to invest in the fair. The packaging industry, which gained momentum with the increasing consumption after the pandemic, increases its volume...

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How to Choose the Right Packaging and Bag?

Why are almost all the products we buy delivered to us packaged or in a bag? The most important reason for this situation is the desire to deliver the product safely to the consumer or the protection of the product, and the other reason is for advertising purposes. The use of packaging and bags with a good design speaks to...

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Surveillance Measure Has Been Applied to Import of Stretch Film and Semi-Finished Bags

For semi-finished products such as stretch film and bags, which are brought to Turkey as ready-made bobbins, the Ministry of Commerce imposed an inspection of 3-5 thousand dollars on the import of stretch films and bags in order to protect the domestic manufacturer. The domestic producer, who was in trouble due to the products brought from Iran as semi-finished products, was...

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Domestic Production Investment in Paper Packaging

The cellulose cardboard raw material problems with Finland and Sweden and the high prices in China led the sector players to domestic investments. The Turkish paper and cardboard packaging industry, which is one of the important manufacturers in Europe with its capacity, is going through difficult times due to the European Union's desire to make Poland a new center. Despite...

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Things to Consider While Buying Packaging

The selection of packaging products that are beneficial in the storage, transportation, sale and use of your products is very important in terms of both protection and aesthetics. It also facilitates your operations such as transportation, storage and distribution by keeping the products together in order to attract attention from the outside and make the sale happen. In order to differentiate...

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Turkey’s Position in Recycling

We are one of the countries that produce the most waste in the world, but the wastes we produce are disposed of by being stored, incinerated or buried before they are recycled. It has not been recycled. In other words, we have eliminated more than the waste we put into the recycling process without any action. In 2020, only 13 percent...

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Meaning of Colored Circles on Packages

We see the blue, pink, yellow, and black four dots at the bottom of the newspapers we buy, on slide boxes, chips packs, and more, but most of us don't know what they are or what they do. These 4-color dots, which we encounter everywhere, especially in products and packaging related to printing; It means Cyan-Cyan, Magenta-Magenta, Yellow-Yellow, Key-Black. These colors...

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We Are Candidates For The Top Five Of Europe In Packaging

The packaging industry, which managed to close the year 2021 with an export of 6.5 billion dollars with a 26 percent increase in value, started with growth in 2022. You can review the packaging industry report for 2021 here. In the first quarter of 2022, the sector grew by approximately 20 percent. Considering the sector figures, the Turkish packaging industry...

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