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Glass Recycling is a Condition for Reducing Raw Material Imports

The infinitely recyclable nature of glass means that raw material consumption can be reduced. With the increase of recycling awareness, Turkey can reduce its raw material imports.

As we all know, the importance of recycling for a sustainable environment and economy is gaining more and more importance every day. As we all know, the raw materials in our world are not unlimited and one day it will run out, and it is much more economical to obtain it from recycling rather than extracting the raw material of a product. Glass, which is seen as the material of the future The fact that the packaging can be recycled indefinitely gives us the opportunity to access a cleaner environment, while providing us with great savings in energy consumption.

Due to its structure, the glass produced from natural resources, which does not interact chemically with any product stored in glass packaging, can be recycled forever due to its structure. The deposit return system, which is very common in European countries, is still in its infancy, and with the increase in the recycling rate of glass in our country, significant progress has been made in both the protection of natural resources and the reduction of raw material imports. will be.

While these developments will provide significant savings in energy, they will also create new business opportunities. In addition to the economic advantages it provides, the expression glass is health, which is frequently used in our country, shows the value given to glass in our society.

The fact that the packaging used to meet food and beverage demands interacts with the product inside or poses a risk depending on the storage conditions is important for health. As we all know, the fact that beverages such as water and soft drinks are in glass packages instead of plastic ones affects both the storage time and the possibility of reacting with the product.

Glass packaging, which makes it possible to preserve the food by extending its shelf life without changing the taste, smell and aroma, ensures that our food remains 100% healthy, as well as the advantages of recycling. As a result, our packaging preference will be glass packaging today and in the future due to its usability in an endless cycle and its 100% healthy structure.

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