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What are the Usage Areas of Stretch Film?

Stretch film, which is one of the most used packaging materials in our country and in the world, is a plastic that makes it easier to store, protect and transport many products by cutting off their contact with air and other external factors.

Stretch film, which is one of the most used packaging materials due to its ease of use and benefits, is used by wrapping it tightly around the product thanks to its flexible structure.

Pallet Stretch Film

Stretch films, which are used in the production process of products in different sectors or in the following processes, have a protective and durable structure. Pallet stretch films are products that provide ease of use in storage, storage and transportation areas and have not been able to find an alternative for years. Besides its easy and durable structure, it is a long-lasting product. While pallet stretch films prevent the products from being damaged during transportation, they also prevent the products from being lost together. Stretch films that protect the products and facilitate their transportation are frequently used in the glass, automotive, white goods, furniture and food sectors. It is also used in the environment or in businesses such as medium-sized restaurants.

Pallet Stretch Film Prices

The quality and price of the stretch films used in industrial institutions and for individual use are undoubtedly among the most important issues for the buyers. As EU Plastik and Izmir Stretch Film, we produce the products with the highest wrapping and coating properties per unit area, while the Retro brand is the manufacturer of the stretch film products we sell. Before the sale, we perform demos so that you can experience and compare the quality. If you want to try our products, please contact us and request a demo.

As EU Plastik and İzmir Stretch Film, we sell products to İzmir, surrounding cities such as Manisa, Aydın, Balıkesir, and all of Turkey and even to different countries.

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