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Glass Recycling is a Condition for Reducing Raw Material Imports

The infinitely recyclable nature of glass means that raw material consumption can be reduced. With the increase of recycling awareness, Turkey can reduce its raw material imports. As we all know, the importance of recycling for a sustainable environment and economy is gaining more and more importance every day. As we all know, the raw materials in our world are not...

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27th Eurasia Packaging Fair Completed

Organized for the 27th time this year, Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair and Food-Tech Fair were held in Istanbul between 12-15 October 2022. The fair, attended by more than 1100 companies, gave 13 thousand business people from 130 countries the opportunity to invest in the fair. The packaging industry, which gained momentum with the increasing consumption after the pandemic, increases its volume...

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We Are Candidates For The Top Five Of Europe In Packaging

The packaging industry, which managed to close the year 2021 with an export of 6.5 billion dollars with a 26 percent increase in value, started with growth in 2022. You can review the packaging industry report for 2021 here. In the first quarter of 2022, the sector grew by approximately 20 percent. Considering the sector figures, the Turkish packaging industry...

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