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The Future of Packaging is Green Wave

During the Green Wave period, which is thought to be a new beginning for the packaging industry, it seems that it will be necessary for the industry to reinvent the way it does business. With the increase in global warming and environmental pollution, consumer sensitivity and pollution reaching truly disturbing levels made the Green Wave period necessary. With this period, products...

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Packaging Industry Meets in Istanbul

The second International Packaging Industry Congress will be held in Istanbul on December 7-8. At the congress, where the Sustainability Road Map of the Packaging Industry is determined as the main theme, the packaging industry and production branches that support the sector, researchers, students, public institutions, brand owners, retailers and non-governmental organizations will meet. The congress aims to bring together...

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Indispensable for the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry plays a critical role in transporting, storing and protecting products. This industry produces various packaging materials, and one of them is stretch film. Stretch film is widely used especially in palletizing, packaging and product protection areas. In this article, we will take a closer look at issues such as what stretch film is, how it is produced...

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Packaging in Food Safety

TÜGİS Science Board member Prof. Dr. Nevzat Artık made statements that draw attention to the importance of packaging in food safety. Nevzat Artık, clarified the wrong information that the citizen knows to be true. He said that the packaging is a material that protects the product in the cleanest and most reliable conditions and ensures that it reaches the consumer, making...

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Edible Packaging

In recent years, studies on environmentally friendly solutions have been increasing. Sustainability has become an important issue in many sectors today. In this context, the food and packaging industry is also in search of new and innovative solutions. This is where edible packaging comes into play. These packages, which offer both an environmentally friendly and practical solution, have started to...

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