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Packaging in Food Safety

TÜGİS Science Board member Prof. Dr. Nevzat Artık made statements that draw attention to the importance of packaging in food safety.

Nevzat Artık, clarified the wrong information that the citizen knows to be true. He said that the packaging is a material that protects the product in the cleanest and most reliable conditions and ensures that it reaches the consumer, making it easier to store and transport. It is indispensable in terms of safety. In its simplest form, we call wrappings and coatings made of metal, paper, cardboard, glass, tin, plastic and wood, which facilitates the marketing activities of the product put in and informs the consumer. It is an indispensable application that ensures that its features are accessed without deterioration.

When consumers visit shopping points, the first thing they see is the packaging of the product and gives information about the quality of the packaging. Today, consumers pay more attention to the fact that the product is safe and produced under hygienic conditions. imperative is inevitable.

In addition to protecting food, packaging is a communication tool and an extension of a lifestyle. At the same time, it provides the benefit of marketing the product as a silent salesperson and after-sales use. It is not used in food packaging and container production in most of the countries.

Stating that unsuitable parts such as pulp, garbage, leaves, husk and bran are separated during processing, the purpose of the packaging is to preserve the food from when the food is scarce until it is not available. For example, fresh sour cherries in June and July. It is available in canned and frozen form every month of the year.

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