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What Is The Consumer Looking For In Packaging?

Brands that challenge themselves in every subject they can go on and develop think that they have a long way to go in consumer loyalty as well. Since brands want to improve themselves in terms of sustainability, they turn to packaging that touches the consumer and provides interaction.

While the brands aim to be the chosen party with the packaging change, what are the expectations of the consumers regarding the design of the packaging? According to the research carried out by Euromonitor with 32 thousand participants in 2022, only 10% of consumers in Latin-North America and Europe said that they believe plastic is sustainable for the environment. Plastic packaging in all consumption regions, including the Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific geographies not included in sustainable products.

With the increase in environmental disasters in recent years, environmental awareness and sensitivity has increased in society. The fact that the climate crisis is more visible and felt has led people to look more favorably on inputs that will reverse this negative effect, or at least to make choices that will not harm their environment. According to the report, it is better for the environment. Recyclable materials, which are thought to have an impact, and biodegradable paper packaging are in the first place.

One of the questions asked in the research was the question “What can you do to positively affect the environment and live more sustainably?” In these regions, consumers give importance to the environment. In parallel with the research, it is impossible for their brands to remain insensitive to this sensitivity.

As a result, although the transition to sustainable packaging takes time at some points, it is an inevitable necessity and consumers have already started to prefer brands that are not indifferent to this sensitivity.

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