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Surveillance Measure Has Been Applied to Import of Stretch Film and Semi-Finished Bags

For semi-finished products such as stretch film and bags, which are brought to Turkey as ready-made bobbins, the Ministry of Commerce imposed an inspection of 3-5 thousand dollars on the import of stretch films and bags in order to protect the domestic manufacturer.

The domestic producer, who was in trouble due to the products brought from Iran as semi-finished products, was in trouble. Products such as bags and stretch film, which were brought to Turkey as semi-finished products by circumventing the protection measures, caused unfair competition. Our treasury was losing tax. PAGEV and industry leaders, who had warned about the issue, demanded that the measures at customs be increased in order to eliminate the problem.

The General Directorate of Customs started a study regarding this problem with Iran, and on 27 August, the Ministry of Commerce announced that, with a communiqué published in the Official Gazette, a surveillance application between 3 thousand and 5 thousand dollars was introduced for bags and stretch film products brought into Turkey as semi-finished products. According to the communiqué, the import of semi-finished bags and stretch film with a tonne of less than 3 thousand dollars will be made with the permission of the ministry.

With this application, the communiqué, which protects the domestic manufacturer from unfair competition, will also prevent the entry of cheap, poor quality bags and stretch films into the country. With the communiqué, quality products with a tonne of over 3 thousand dollars will enter our country.

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