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Indispensable for the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry plays a critical role in transporting, storing and protecting products. This industry produces various packaging materials, and one of them is stretch film. Stretch film is widely used especially in palletizing, packaging and product protection areas. In this article, we will take a closer look at issues such as what stretch film is, how it is produced and in which areas it is used.

What is Stretch Film?

Stretch film is a packaging material generally based on plastic (polyethylene). It has a thin, flexible and transparent structure. Stretch film helps prevent damage during packaging and transportation by wrapping products tightly. It also protects products from dust, moisture and other external factors. Therefore, stretch film plays an important role in many industries, especially in logistics and transportation.

Stretch Film Production

Stretch film goes through a complex production process. Here are the basic steps of stretch film production:

Raw Material Selection: The basic raw material for stretch film production is polyethylene. Polyethylene is a polymer obtained in the petrochemical industry. The properties of the polyethylene to be used in production affect the quality of the final product. There are different types such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (DYPE).

Extrusion: Polyethylene granules are melted through a process called extrusion. In this process, polyethylene granules are heated and melted with the help of a screw system. Then, this molten material is pressed into a mold and a film of the desired thickness and width is formed.

Cooling and Molding: The film is rapidly cooled through a cooling system and then wound onto a series of rolls. This process prepares the film for cutting to the desired thickness and length.

Cutting and Wrapping: The film is cut to desired dimensions and wound on reels. These reels are then used for distribution or feeding into product packaging machines.

Control and Quality Assurance: Controls are carried out to ensure the quality of the stretch film produced. If there is any damage, error or quality problem on the film, it is detected and corrected at this stage.

Stretch Film Usage Areas

Stretch film offers a wide range of uses. Here are some main uses:

Palletizing: It is used to tightly wrap and fix the products on pallets. This ensures safer and more orderly handling and storage of products.

Product Packaging: Stretch film is used to package various products. It is especially widely used in sectors such as food, electronics and construction materials.

Product Protection: Protects products from external factors. It protects the quality of the products thanks to its waterproof and dustproof features.

Logistics and Transportation: Ensures the safety and integrity of products during transportation. Using stretch film when transporting palletized products can reduce transportation costs.

Stretch film is an indispensable part of the packaging industry. In addition to protecting the safety and integrity of products, it makes logistics and transportation operations more efficient. Although the manufacturing process is complex, stretch film is an important packaging material for many industries and businesses.

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