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The Future of Packaging is Green Wave

During the Green Wave period, which is thought to be a new beginning for the packaging industry, it seems that it will be necessary for the industry to reinvent the way it does business.

With the increase in global warming and environmental pollution, consumer sensitivity and pollution reaching truly disturbing levels made the Green Wave period necessary. With this period, products obtained from edible resources, which can be easily recycled many times, which can be dissolved in nature in a short time and which do not harm the nature, will dominate the sector. this period; While it offers new opportunities to the sector, it also brings with it some threats.

The Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers Association thinks that this period has caused a serious interest, especially in plant fiber-based products. The issue is actually a reflection of the process in many industrial sectors. When we compare it with the automobile industry, we can think of it as a transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. What are the advantages of this transition in the automobile sector? If it requires serious investments, it will cause similar processes in the paper-cardboard industry.

In addition to all these, double-digit inflation figures are observed in many European countries, which causes demand to decrease rapidly and causes a stagflation environment. 2024 will be a full recovery year for the sector. Although we will feel a slight upward momentum in the second quarter of 2024, Europe is currently There is a 15 percent decrease in cardboard packaging production in Turkey. This situation seems to be a serious problem for Turkish paper-cardboard manufacturers, whose biggest market is Europe.

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