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What is Industrial Packaging?

Industrial packaging is a type of packaging used to protect, transport and store products often produced in large quantities. This type of packaging is often used in business-to-business (B2B) commerce and distribution of industrial products. Special designs, durability and functionality are the main features of industrial packaging.

The Importance of Industrial Packaging

Product Protection: Industrial packaging protects products from damage, contamination and other harmful factors. This is especially important for large machines, electronic equipment and sensitive materials.
Ease of Transport: Properly designed industrial packaging to transport and store large quantities of products facilitates logistics processes.
Brand Visibility: Industrial packaging design can reflect a company’s brand image. Professional and impressive packaging gives customers confidence.
Reducing Environmental Impacts: The use of sustainable materials and recyclable designs can reduce the environmental impacts of industrial packaging.

Sectors Where Industrial Packaging is Used

Automotive: Sturdy packaging is used to transport products such as large spare parts and automobile parts.
Electronics: Sensitive electronic equipment is specially protected in industrial packaging.
Food and Beverage: Food products produced on an industrial scale are stored and transported in sturdy packaging.
Construction Materials: Large and heavy construction materials are packaged in durable packaging.
Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals: Dangerous substances and chemical products are transported safely in industrial packaging.

Industrial Packaging Materials

Wood: It is durable and sturdy, generally used for packaging heavy products.
Cardboard: It is a light and flexible material, often used as inner packaging to protect products.
Plastic: Clear plastic packaging can increase the visibility of products, and plastic is resistant to water and external factors.
Metal: Especially used for transporting hazardous materials, metals such as steel and aluminum are durable.

Industrial Packaging Design

Durability: The ability of the packaging to protect the product against external factors is important.
Ergonomics: Packaging should be easy to transport and store.
Brand Identity: Packaging design should reflect and promote the company’s brand image.
Environmental Awareness: The use of sustainable materials and designs suitable for recycling can reduce environmental impacts.
Compliance and Standards: Packaging design must comply with transportation and storage standards.

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