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Meaning of Colored Circles on Packages

We see the blue, pink, yellow, and black four dots at the bottom of the newspapers we buy, on slide boxes, chips packs, and more, but most of us don’t know what they are or what they do.

These 4-color dots, which we encounter everywhere, especially in products and packaging related to printing; It means Cyan-Cyan, Magenta-Magenta, Yellow-Yellow, Key-Black. These colors deliver the primary colors and other intermediate colors are obtained by mixing these primary colors in different proportions. These colors are called CMYK because of the initials of the colors. Black for black in naming Since it is a key color instead of b of the word, the k of the key word is used.

The juxtaposition of these circles without mixing shows that the four colors are printed on top of each other without shifting, and if one of these four colors slips, there will be shifts in the texts and images, which will cause the print to be of poor quality and unusable. While the number of colors in newspapers is 4, the number of verification colors in packages is even higher.

In short, these points indicate a quick check of the quality of the raid and whether there are any problems.

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