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What Should Be Considered While Buying Packaged Products?

In our modern world, we have been buying almost all food products in packages for a long time. While purchasing these products, we should pay attention to a number of points to protect our health.

What should be considered when buying packaged products?

If we list the other important points that we should pay attention to,
– We should always pay attention to the recommended consumption or expiry dates. If we are not careful, we may have received a broken or deteriorating product. Even though the markets remove the expired products from the shelves before the expiry date, we may encounter errors, especially in products with a short shelf life such as milk and meat products.
– We should give priority to prefer TSE stamped products.
– We should pay attention to the appearance of fruits and vegetables as fresh and alive as possible.
– We should prefer products with original packaging in dairy products.
– We must definitely check the label information and especially the products shipped with the cold chain.
– Packages with swelling, tears, cracks and holes should never be taken and should be reported to the market authority. In this way, the product in the deformed packaging starts to produce bacteria due to the deterioration it experiences.

Are packaged food products harmful?

The additive with the packaging code E250 is used to extend the shelf life of products such as meat products and pizza dough. This additive mammdesi causes headache, breathing problems and itching in people with sulfite sensitivity. In very rare cases, it increases the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67 percent and leukemia by 700 percent. It triggers all kinds of cancer, especially colon cancer.

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