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What is Stretch Film and What are its Types?

What is Stretch Film?

It is the name given to the plastic film that protects various materials against external factors and enables them to be packaged in bulk and stretched. Thanks to its elastic structure, stretch film ensures that the packaged products are collected in a tight manner.

Stretch films are used to standardize the products lined up on the pallet and to group small products. In this way, both the stretch film, which provides convenience in transportation, and the product protect against deterioration and external factors.

Types of Stretch Film?

Stretch film, which has many different areas of use in industrial production and individual use, has many types in parallel with the area of use, if we briefly explain some of them. Of course, we should start with the most used area.

Pallet Stretch Film

Pallet stretching, which is the type of stretch used for stretching the products listed on the pallets, can be applied by machine and manually. Pallet stretch produced in 17 and 23 micron rolls is used in almost all industrial establishments.

Hand Held Stretch Film

Hand-held stretch film is the packaging equipment frequently used by individual users in commercial establishments such as restaurants and small production facilities. It is between 90 and 300 meters in length and 17-23 microns thick.

Machine Stretch Film

It is a type of stretch film produced in coils with a thickness of 17-23 microns and lengths over 1000 meters, generally to be used in machines in large production facilities.

Power Stretch Film

It is a type of stretch film produced in 17-23 micron and 1500 meter coils, which can withstand up to 300% tension and expand in high-speed and pre-stretched machines.

Industrial Stretch Film

It is used in industrial and industrial production and transportation organizations. Industrial stretch with 17-23 micron thickness can be produced in desired length.

Jumbo Stretch Film

They are stretch films produced in 17-23 micron thickness and lengths of 5000 meters and above. It is preferred by industrial organizations that use a large amount of stretch film.

Sliced Stretch Film

It is a type of stretch film produced specifically for the customer. It is produced to order according to the length and width dimensions requested by the customer.

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