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History of Packaging

The first packaging in the world started with natural materials such as leaves. In the early 1900s, with the discovery of plastic, it began to be used as a packaging material to replace paper packaging. The use of plastics in packaging applications generally started after the Second World War. Polyethylene was produced in large quantities during the war years and became an easily available material on the market right after the war. It replaced the greaseproof paper originally used in bread packaging. The growth of the plastic packaging industry has accelerated since the 1970s. Stretch Film, which is indispensable for the plastic packaging industry and used by all sectors, started to be produced in our country at the beginning of the 90s, and with today’s technology and conditions, the materials used before have been replaced by materials such as plastic (Stretch Film) and glass, which are more convenient and economical to use.

Plastic packaging is obtained by processing various products from oil refineries in petrochemical plants. Only 4% of the total oil produced in the world is used for plastic production. Of this 4% rate used in plastic production, only 3% is used in the production of plastic packaging. Plastics (Stretch Films) have become even more preferable in the sector, both because more packaging can be produced with less material and because of the ease of shaping.

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